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The Castlegate II aquatic center is a neighborhood pool and is not available for use by the general public. Its membership is restricted to the following:
Resident - any person who resides in or owns property within the Homeowners Association of Castlegate II community.
Non-resident - any person who resides outside of the Homeowners Association of Castlegate II community, and has signed and agreed to the terms of their purchased membership.  Memberships for Non-residents are not guaranteed from year to year.  As the number of homeowners increase in Castlegate II, the number of nonresident memberships will be reduced each year.   The goal is that when all lots are completely owned by Castlegate II residents, no outside memberships will be sold and Castlegate II Aquatics Center will be solely for Castlegate II Residents.

If you have friends or family members interested in becoming a member of the Castlegate II Aquatics Center this season, please direct them to the website to sign up:

  • The Castlegate II Aquatic Center is opening soon!
Castlegate Communities II
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